Les Blank
made two films about me, The Maestro: King of the Cowboy Artists, (1995, 54 Min.) and, The Maestro Rides Again, (2005, 30 Min.) which is a bonus reel on the DVD

Johnny Westurn
is a Cowboy Poet, Photographer, and Radio Personality.

Peter Mollica
is a long time friend and Stained Glass Artist. He helped me with my first website.

Barbara Kossy
is a photographer who did a photo collage of my Bunkhouse studio. Her photo is being used as a jacket cover for the Maestro DVD.

The Cowlicks
The Cowlicks’ CD, Cowboys With Attitude, won the 2004 California Music Award for Outstanding Alt-country album. It has some of my artwork on the jacket cover.

Maureen Gosling
edited the first Maestro film. She also produced and directed the award winning documentary, Blossoms of Fire.

Kevin Bender
was Associate-producer on the first Maestro film. His other projects include a documentary on Mexican/American folk artist Jose Bonilla.

Grace Woo
is the technician who put my ideas and images together to make this site. I couldn’t have done it without her help. Thank you Grace.